1.  A commitment to complete our SIERRA COMMITMENT COURSES and to work on living out their truths.


  1.  A commitment to prevent the spread of gossip and slander by addressing all complaints to the person(s) we deem responsible for the complaint. (See Church Discipline Statement)


  1.  A commitment to submit and support the leadership of the Pastors, as they follow God’s Word.


  1.  A commitment to participate in church activities, and regular worship attendance.


  1.  A commitment to make regular and sacrificial financial contributions to this Body of Believers. (Our Church)   We will pray for the ministry of the church, its missionaries, and its leaders.


  1.  We will encourage one another to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, while also sharing in one another’s joys and sorrows.  We will oppose all conduct that compromises our Christian testimony. Instead, we will uphold high standards of Christian morality and godliness.


  1.   We will be accountable in our Christian conduct to the other members of this body, and will, if necessary, submit to biblically mandated discipline as set forth in our Church Discipline Statement.